Getting Started in Real Estate - Part 1

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear from people thinking about starting a career in real estate is “What do I need to do to get a real estate license?” Right on the heels of that is “How much will it cost?”

Getting your real estate license in California is a relatively straight-forward process. First you need to show the State of California that you have received at least a basic education in real estate and you can do this in a couple of different ways:

  • Receive a degree in real estate from a California university or college
  • Attend law school
  • Pass three courses from a qualified Real Estate School – this is the most commonly chosen path

Assuming you opt for the quickest (and most cost-effective) approach of passing three real estate courses, you just need to determine if you’ll be taking live, in-person classes such as those offered by Chamberlin Real Estate School, or if you will do the classes on-line. Costs range from around $200 - $500 depending upon what all you decide to receive and from whom. This process will take anywhere from 57 days to a year, depending up on the pace you set for yourself.

Once you’ve passed these classes and have received certification numbers, your next step is to come and see us. We’ll help you with the paperwork required by the State of California, and direct you towards your next step. We also have some tips to help you save up to eight weeks of “waiting” time with the State of California. You’ll complete some paperwork, submit it to the Department of Real Estate, be given a test date for your exam, and receive your license. That’s it!

For more information on getting started in real estate and the costs that can be incurred, read “Getting Started in Real Estate – Part 2”.